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Re: TF: The Poisoned Chalice by James Swallow Review Thread (Spoilers!

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I just remembered a couple of editing mistakes I wanted to bring up. In at least two places, you used the word 'succession' when referring to the Andorians, when you meant 'secession.' Probably just an auto-correct mistake, but still, it should have been caught by the editor. Andor itself was inconsistent - sometimes you called it Andor, sometimes Andoria. I wondered if perhaps Andor was the physical planet while Andoria was the political entity, but that wasn't consistent either. Again, should have been caught by the editor.
I can't speak for Mr. Swallow, but I suspect that the use of both "Andor" and "Andoria" was intentional. Andor: Paradigm by Heather Jarman established back in '04 that they're both valid names for the Andorian homeworld; think of it as being like someone alternating between "the United Kingdom" and "Great Britain."
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