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Re: Nebula vs. Galaxy

There was also the Freighter Norkova. Actually this DS9 "guest" ship set was a new-build and only shared certain components from the TNG Battle Bridge set seen in BOBW et al.; it actually takes a fair amount from the Excelsior bridge components built for The Undiscovered Country. The DS9 set was apparently left standing in a corner of its sound stage for the first two seasons of that show (Emissary through Jem'Hadar) and guested as most starship bridges during that time, plus the Romulan bridge. It was stricken to make room for more Defiant sets.

Back to the Nebula, I've always seen it as a more standard starship design than the Galaxy, which was a deliberate attempt at looking and feeling big and open and hotel-ish. What corridors and bridges and sets we've seen tend to support more cramped spaces compared to a Galaxy, and utilitarian. Notably, the Prometheus' guest quarters had doors set into a portal and bunk beds (it was borrowed from the aft Runabout set built for TNG "Timescape") and the brig set seen on the Honshu was pretty cramped too (borrowing Voyager's brig and the Defiant's corridor sets).

However, I actually think that these two examples could even be up in the mission pod, meaning that the rest of the ship could very well be spacious and grand, while areas customized for crazy terraformers or crazier war criminals could be in a pod meant specifically for that purpose. It still leaves the utilitarian bridge on the Prometheus at least, but it's still more TNG than many. Besides, all models of the Nebula share the Galaxy's bridge module exterior, which on the Enterprise corresponded closely to the actual bridge set within...

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