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Re: NuTrek's Starfleet

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Pictures or profiles that don't work for me:
The SIG-14 -You're showing the Vengeance's torpedo tubes there. Why not use the designation for the Gattling Phasers?
1) WHAT gatling phasers?
Those phasers in the weapons pods. A bunch of them seem to be coming in directions with a circular rotation of the emitters, although the arcing of the pulses makes a bit harder to see.
Been freeze-framing that scene, but I'm not seeing any circular motion there. Might show up on Blu-Ray, tho...

I never got any connection between the Bajorans and the K'Normians, since we do know that people can just buy ships from other species in Trek.
Like I said, the only connection is Mudd's daughter. She's the arms merchant who was working with Robert April on Phadeus-IV; her ship is the one used in STID, which suggests that when Kirk is pretending to be a K'Normian arms dealer, he's basically trying to impersonate Mudd.

I also don't get why the Federation would contract with them, even if they made some pretty good guns
It's not the weapons that the Federation buys, it's the technology. MAKING things is trivially easy: you tell the computer what to do and it either manufactures the device or it manufactures the parts for YOU to assemble. So when someone comes up with a superior design for a piece of technology you already use, buy the rights from the original designer.

I got a lot of pics of real and fictional guns, if you need any inspiration. Try looking on Forgotten Weapons for some obscure, low maintenance designs too.
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