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Re: MLB Offseason 2013-2014

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Ok, back that up with something. Looking at stats, seems like Ortiz has Edgar beat in a bunch of places. (plus could crack the 500 HR club if he plays 2 more years). Edgar was in MVP voting 5 times, but only got 3rd, 6th, and a 12, 14, 16th.

Ortiz had MVP votes 6 times, 5 years in a row (2nd, 3, 4, 4, 5).

About a wash in silver slugger and all star. Ortiz has the narrative (clutch, feared hitter, 2004 sox, 3 rings), and WS MVP.

I really don't see the 'Ortiz has no chance' argument...
Timby wrote: View Post
I think Ortiz absolutely has a chance, but not necessarily on his merits (you have to basically ignore his entire time in Minnesota). It's not like Ortiz is some cuddly aw-shucks gentleman like, say, Andre Dawson, but rather he's pretty much the same candidate as Jim Rice (albeit with a sizable postseason bonus): Statistically under-qualified Boston player who hit like a beast for a while, but brings nothing else to the table. But that being said, the Red Sox are beyond amazing at that kind of PR, by far the best team in MLB and maybe the best in professional sports. I mean, they hired a PR person whose sole job responsibility was getting Jim Rice into the Hall of Fame -- no other team, anywhere, ever, does things like that.

Of course, the door swings both ways ... if they decide they hate you (Francona, Nomar, Manny, Lowe, Pedro, etc.), they're masters at making their fanbase want to physically tie you up and burn you in front of the Ted Williams statue.

Edgar = 312/418/515/309
Papi = 287/381/549/431

There is a HUGE difference between a 312 career hitter and a career 287 hitter.

Papi's numbers are closer to Crime Dog's. Is he in?

Fielding? Edgar was a 3rd baseman as well as a 1st baseman.
Papi at best was a decent 1st baseman.

I'm not saying either shouldn't make it.

I'm saying, both will be considered DH's and Edgar was a better hitter and fielder.

Ortiz also had some roid stuff too.

Ortiz was a 235 hitter and on his way out of baseball when Boston picked him up. Good choice by them, but question marks abound concerning the marked improvement.

So I'll stand by my statement that if Edgar doesn't get in, Papi doesn't either. Regardless of the Sox publicity machine.

Not all the HOF voters live in Boston.
Yankees win 89 games this year and earn a wildcard play-off birth.
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