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Re: How powerful is a Galaxy class starship?

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A number of Trekkers I know have downloaded Mods and patches to various video games so the ships act and perform more accurately to what is seen on screen.
Phaser/torp strength, shields, maneuverability, even size between vessels is usually wrong.
There's one mod for the original Armada (made by a German team, I believe) which somehow, someway, programmed the Defiant class to charge up its pulse phasers until it came time to fight. When it *did* fire, it unleashed the gates of hell, obliterating everything until its charge was spent with a steady stream of pulse phasers blazing about -- a vast improvement over the original model. It was unbelievably fun.

Yeah, video games are designed for fun, not to stick to pre-established canon; even then, saying the Galaxy in STO can't defeat a weak BoP is a gross exaggeration -- STO (made by American company Cryptic, by the way) follows the three class model like many other RPGs -- attack, support, and tank. The Galaxy falls in the latter, as it's designed to draw fire and withstand a large amount of punishment so that other ships can do their job while providing cover fire -- not completely unheard of considering the DS9 battles.

But anyway, now i'm helping to steer this off topic.
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