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Re: Helix - Ron Moore

So I watched the preview of 15 minutes and what I can say -- some may be considered as Spoilers...




... The man in charged that we see first "Mr. Hitaki", I believe, seems to be the Big Baddie, with a unknown / unspecified agenda. The main character, Alan Farragut I did not like at first, but he grew on me as the preview progressed. I appreciated his quirks of forgetting where he places things and his dark sense of humor (vile of cholera). The old meme of the under-appreciated under study / assistant who has a "secret" crush Sarah Jordan, works for what it's worth. The helicopter ride was some very good compressed writing of character, you see all you need to know from the principles. The assistant Sarah Jordan who wants to be the Alan Farragut's next significant, his x wife Julie Walker (which looks similar to Michelle Forbes to me), the cynical and spunkie blond CDC representative Doreen Boyle, which is the political voice of the show, based on some of what she says.

So as a thriller this works well, with the creative forces of Nu-BSG, LOST and Contact, the experience is present. The evolution of the series seems to be placing it's trajectory towards a zombie-seaque terrain of the The Walking Dead or the like. Some of what is hinted at also suggest a similar take to Threshold the canceled Braga show, which was actually quite good.

Listening to Ron Moore talk about the show, and possibly address the question posed by Ar-Pharazon he describes the 13 episodes of the 1st season will tell a story of each day in the Arctic facility, by that alone I think it could have staying power. He also commented / acknowledged their are similarities to this series and Nu-BSG episode "33".

One of the most interesting concepts, if explored correctly is that the infected don't just die, they change are altered, if you will. Also the infection is always mutating, so the team seem to be always a step behind in keeping up with the infection (another similarity to Nu-BSG). And of course their is a unrevealed larger story yet to unfold. Their may be a interactive portion of the show to becoming called all access - we'll wait and see for that Lastly,...Jeri Ryan is in this too. (Can't hurt).

i think I'll hunt it down on demand, if you'll excuse me I have some geeking to do
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