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Re: Tablet games that aren't awful?

Here are some tablet games that don't suck:

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP -- THIS GAME IS AWESOME, GET IT!
Anomaly -- Pretty good spin on the tower defense genre.
Canabalt -- Fun, simple, fast action. You jump a lot. That is all you do.
Spirits -- A fun, Lemmings-style game.
Star Command -- Space strategy game. Haven't played it a lot but what I've played so far is pretty fun.
Eufloria -- Everyone raves about this game. Kind of a weird RTS game.
World of Goo -- This is also a great game!
Time Surfer -- Pretty fun, not a complicated game but nevertheless entertaining.
Zen Bound -- A curiously relaxing game where you paint wooden figures by tying ropes around them. I like it a lot.
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