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Re: Revolution Season 2 - spoilers

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I wonder what the Patriots are injecting into those oranges.
Vitamin C?

Definitely interesting...

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Not a bad episode. hopefully this will be a turn around in the writing of Aaron's character.

Texas must have gotten much smaller after the power vanished. Munroe and company made it to mexico in what amounted to about 2 or three days and Aaron made it to Oklahoma on foot in just a day or two more. From the same town.

Loved the spanish rendition of "Sweet Home Alabama".
Well, now we have 3 separate threads going on.

So the timelines might be off. We don't know where in Texas they were, right? Southeastern Texas?

So Aaron might have been on foot, and possibly hitched a ride inbetween. good to see Grace again...and was that Aaron's wife form last season? She said she was down in Texas...would have been nice to see her earlier...but now is good...and will her child have actually been Aaron's? I can't stand yet another unknown child now introduced..but this one would make sense.

Whoever they cast as Munroe's sn DEFINITELY looks like him, so well done with the casting...but there Darth Vader thing...we can rule the galaxy/country together?? I was hoping last season Neville wold kill Munroe & take over the Republic. I never really got Munroe as a villain.

The Nevilles are definitely an interesting couple...but kinda bothered that they are so separate from everything...guess it will come together soon.

What info did Neville Jr. find, and i am sure it will make Tom regret his actions.
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