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Re: TF: The Poisoned Chalice by James Swallow Review Thread (Spoilers!

Markonian wrote: View Post
In-universe, three years have passed since Titan's last adventure (2382 - 2385). I wonder whether the crew experienced more action in the meantime, or whether it's been hinted at that it were "three ordinary years, nothing special happend today."?
lvsxy808 wrote: View Post
And, if the Titan really has been out there that long, how does it get back to Earth so quickly, as someone else questioned? It's not a Vesta-class, it just can't move that fast. Not deal-breakers, any of these, but definite quibbles.
Just picking up on a couple of things: stuff happened, of that you can be sure, during that "missing time". It just wasn't relevant to the plotline of The Fall. As for how they got home quick - shortcut.

lvsxy808 wrote: View Post
To wit - this doesn't feel like an actual Titan novel.
That's because it isn't meant to be a Star Trek: Titan novel. The Poisoned Chalice is a Star Trek: The Fall novel with Titan characters (and others) in it, not the other way around. I deliberately wrote it from the ground up to synch with the 'political thriller' sensibilities of the Fall narrative rather than the 'strange new worlds' tone of the Star Trek: Titan series.
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