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Re: Did The Edge of the Sword ever have another title?

John Ordover's original conception was that the numbered TOS novels would come to an end with #100, with #98-100 being a trilogy called The Last Roundup by Diane Carey, which would be the last adventure of Kirk and the gang before Kirk's "death" in the Generations prelude. Then they'd kick off a new series with the formal title Star Trek: The Original Series, with a series of trilogies that would weave stories around existing TOS episodes and treat Kirk and the gang like a modern ensemble drama, building up the supporting cast and not just focusing on the Big Three.

That original plan didn't entirely come together. Diane's trilogy became instead a single hardcover novel by Christie Golden, the numbered original series novels stopped at #97 (Dayton Ward's In the Name of Honor), and the whole "Original Series" concept didn't really come together the way John had planned, and it wound up being abandoned.

I think the title of Kevin Ryan's novel was changed because Swordspoint is the title of a classic fantasy novel by Ellen Kushner. But I have no idea if that's really the case or not.
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