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Re: New Book about TOS: These Are The Voyages

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You can obviously continue to believe the worst of people without the slightest regard for the truth. I hold no ill will towards you. But I can't say that you are doing much to project the feeling that there exists any sense of honor to be attached to some in this thread who would just blindly demonize and mock others.
First off, I'll dismiss most of the drivel you just posted. Second, I see nothing in that article that happens to be written by Gurian (gasp!) that disproves the claims made by Maybe, they should bring in an unbiased third party to analyze the images that appear in the book and compare them to the work done by It would be relatively cheap to do and would put the issue to rest. Third, I haven't demonized anyone.

People make mistakes, to me the circumstantial evidence points at Gurian lifting restored work from others and I've yet to see anything that refutes it.

But here's the point... I'm not buying the book new. I'm not going to support what I think Gurian and Jacobs-Brown Press did here. I'm not a picketer, I'm not going around to other websites or to my real life friends and acquaintances to badmouth this book. If asked I'll tell them exactly what I've seen stated here, that it is sloppily written (which I've seen first hand from the excerpt) and there is some disagreement between the publisher and a couple of website owners over the use of restored images but that it is apparently the best view we get of what happened behind the scenes on TOS. I'll be as honest as I can from what I know of the book and the issues surrounding it.

I think (I know I've mentioned this before) that you are this books worst enemy on this board. Without your presence, this issue would've quickly died down and most of the conversation would've been about the actual content of the book.
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