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Re: New Book about TOS: These Are The Voyages

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I'm not sure I'd trust anyone listed as a legal "console"?
How old is your screen capture, BillJ?
Perhaps you should check again!

Anyway, I suspect it was an error by the website support folks, and not Marc's relative. I don't think it's his wife.

And it's not as goofy an error as assigning everything in the public domain to CBS, which Maurice's 100 trillion dollar lawyer seems to be inclined to do. Is that under the copyright laws of Omicron Ceti III? :-)
I took the screen capture this morning. So now I have no doubt that you're connected to the book in some way.

Way to go!

Maybe we need to get a mod in here to look at all this and see if they can make a call on STCANADA. I mean, I have seen troll warnings and such given for stuff that by no means was merited, but in this case, I don't think stcanada is contributing anything new, just trying to incite curiosity buys. That is only my opinion of course.

Alternative would be to just let the thread die unless new info comes from startrekhistory or elsewhere (when this will doubtless start up all over again.)
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