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Re: Did The Edge of the Sword ever have another title?

Steve Mollmann wrote: View Post
It's an ebook? Weird.

That series had the world's most boring covers.
Yes, Steve. I'm sorry, I guess I didn't make that 100% clear.

Yes, the original S&S ebup had a lower resolution, but ultimately, correct, cover image and title. A year or two ago, S&S started working to clean up a lot of their older ebooks. The was one of them and, while the cover image is much cleaner, higher resolution now, the title is incorrect. I've Googled and haven't been able to find anything about The Edge of the Sword ever having another title that was changed before publication so I thought it was really strange too.

I've emailed S&S about the mistake. As expected, nothing has been changed so far and I haven't received any sort of reply. It is no big deal either way, of course, I was just curious.

- Byron
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