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Re: ENTERPRISE on Blu-Ray OFFICIAL Discussion Thread

Well all of the reviews I've read thus far are unanimous in stating that the picture quality is at least just as bad as S1 and S2.

Here's's review (PQ excerpt, 2.5/5 stars)
Enterprise has never looked all that great on Blu-ray, and season three is certainly no exception. This 1080p, 1.78:1-framed presentation gets the job done on a basic level, but there are many instances when the material barely looks better than the series' DVD counterpart. It's soft almost to a fault in places, absent the sort of razor definition found on The Next Generation and The Original Series Blu-ray releases. The show is depressingly dull by nature, which contributes to the flat appearance, and it does see a nice uptick in clarity and detail in brighter scenes, most of which are found in sickbay. Indeed, the bulk of the show's color consists of dark blue uniforms against the dull gray backdrops. The program cannot muster much visual intensity, leaving details flat and the image appearing rather sickly and antiquated. Other colors are often just as drab. The red, mustard, and blue-green uniform accents look nice enough, and space exteriors show fair colors on planets and the ship's warp nacelles, but a vibrant, showy program this is not. Black levels never go too bright, but they often absorb surrounding information. Flesh tones occasionally look pasty. Noise is present to excess in places, and grain is really only evident in the better-lit scenes where it often looks sharpened and artificial. A few minor pops and speckles crop up along the way as well, but they're the least of the transfer's concerns. This is certainly not a very visually appealing presentation; here's hoping that, if it's released, Deep Space Nine -- a somewhat darker show in its own right -- fares better.
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