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Re: New Book about TOS: These Are The Voyages

One thing I find unusual, even if it doesn't detract from the materiel itself, is the text not being justified on both left and right. I find this quite odd because books of this format---hell most books I know of---are justified on both sides. It simply makes for a tidier and more finished presentation.

I can't recall a published work that wasn't justified. Hell, anyone can do it when creating a document on their own computer whether they're using Office, Pages or whatever software. How could this not be done when being published?

I am noticing some of the photos appeared to have been changed from the first edition.

Reading the Kindle version of the revised edition there is one thing I find a bit odd. Why are the page numbers not displayed. I've gone into settings to see if this was something that could be turned on or off and I can't see any such setting. Strange.
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