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Re: Watching ENT despite the continuity flaws.

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I watched the series despite its plethora of issues because I love Star Trek. Am I the only one that tolerated captain Archer and his shipmates? Am I the only one who feels that Star Trek Enterprise was just another chance for Hollywood to revamp the series with new special effects and makeup without stressing whether the plot would correlate with the previous series.
Having watched all Trek series, most of them in their original runs, and now courtesy of Netflix re-watching, I can't say that "Enterprise" suffered any more or any less than the other Trek shows with regards to internal continuity.

Certainly, if omission of previous encounters within the series is a measure of continuity flaws, then TOS has as much as any others. At one point, in Season 3 (I think?) they almost mention the Horta, but in such a ham-handed way, it didn't feel like they were remembering the same adventure.
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