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Re: Ever heard of the "AI Day"? Me neither, but

No offense, but it sounds like your background in biology has left you with a bit of an ignorant prejudice in terms of what computers can do by comparison. You seem to be implying a computer can only make simple yes/no, on/off kinds of decisions and judgments. That's not true at all. A computer can make very complex decisions based on multitudes of factors. For instance, search engines rank results based on complex calculations that determine their relative relevance.

Yes, a digital computer is going to have a very hard time emulating how humans think because it's built on hardware that works in a fundamentally different way. That doesn't mean it's impossible, but obviously we're nowhere near it. But saying computers "only think in 0 and 1" is like saying humans "only think in action potentials." It gets the physics (basically) right while missing the point.
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