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Re: New Book about TOS: These Are The Voyages

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I believe I'll just say, "what Maurice said," and leave it at that.
Fine. Though my comments before taking kind leave of you again are that I'm not asking for an act of faith, or that someone believe in my integrity, I'm pointing to 140 - 150 rare clappers and photos in that startrekpropauthority article that people can see with their own eyes - original Lincoln film clips and glossies. And I'd mention that the publisher's legal team would obviously disagree with Maurice's friend, and I really think that anyone without extensive legal training who has access to a Google search engine can refute his misinformed opinion. (Not trying to be insulting here; I honestly think Maurice must have seriously erred in communicating the facts to his lawyer acquaintance. Why does all the evidence on the net disagree with that fellow's sweeping pronouncement?) Though he would be right if he were thinking TNG era, not TOS era images. It doesn't even pass the reasonableness test; and would make the publisher look like fools to put hundreds of CBS copyright images in an unauthorized book. Surely you are not so much in a state of denial as to not see that. Lastly, hidden tells the way Maurice speaks of them is hogwash, IMO - pure and simple. And it's sad, Harvey, that you do not feel compelled to do any of the wonderful research that you are supposedly capable of - because you have presented nothing of substance, IMO, other than the statement that you like the startrekhistory folks and trust them - but you have called the TATV people unethical thieves - and continue to do so in light of major revelations to the contrary. That action on your part is clearly unethical, IMO. Just a shame that some here portray themselves as fair-minded and not "bashing" the book -- but when it comes down to it - they are just sticking to their now clearly inaccurate judgements. Very Best to all.

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