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Re: new star trek show

The problem with Star Trek's many series is that they have been so expensive in terms of costumes, makeup, effects, etc. That's too bad, because I think there's enough hard core fans that much of this could be de-emphasized and instead make them story driven. There were quite a few episodes in which real acting was going on and not mere entertainment. I'm going back and watching them from a chronological view to see how that will change my perspective on the shows and films.

Hopefully the two reboots renewed interest in a potential series. It does make sense that some older previous actors might show up on a new series, and so I can see why people voted for a 25th Century show. Certainly there's lots of experienced actors turned directors as well.

Seeing more about academy life was what I voted for. I felt that would be the least expensive in terms of sets and with far less effects. It also would likely be popular with the younger crowd. The die hard fans will watch regardless.

There really isn't much on television right now that is compeling since the end of Breaking Bad. Shows from other countries like Äkta människor demonstrate the universal appeal of science fiction. That show can be rather tawdry at times but clearly are metaphorical as well about other sexual issues.

We badly need some series in which the story lines are deeper and not just fluff. It might be that network television is simply dying due to the effect of TiVos and skipping commercials. As such, it might be far better for HBO or similar giants to take up the torch in order to produce something with very high standards. I'd love to see a Star Trek with the Sopranoes level of production values and writers. Ten episodes in a season that had excellent stories might be better than an alien of the week sort of shows.
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