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Re: "Intelligence" season 1 discussion & spoilers (Josh Holloway)

It got off to a very poor start with all that running around in the bush. I'm sure they wanted to hook the viewer with a lot of action but if I didn't know what this show was about, I would have turned it off. Too generic.

It got a little better though but it's not without its faults.

The Good: I like the cast. It's nice to see Josh Holloway and John Bellingsley again and they did well casting the requisite pretty girl with Meghan Ory. It was also a nice surprise to see Will Yun Lee and Rosalind Chao, who I couldn't place at first. I also like the premise. It's like John Doe except our resident know-it-all uses technology. I also like where they're going story-wise... Someone who's up to no good already put a chip in someone else so now we have a formidable enemy (and she may even be a reluctant one).

The Bad: Poor personal drama and generic cop drama.

The Verdict: The cast, the premise and the hook at the end are enough to make me want to check back but I wouldn't call this a great show.
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