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Re: 'Relics': missed opportunity?

2takesfrakes wrote: View Post
But....but....were they well-received by Therin of Andor?
Of course they were! "Sarek" is a brilliant episode. "Unification" was more of a promotional stunt for ST VI, and many people complained for all manner of reasons, but yes, Spock meets TNG was well received. And so was "Relics".

I'm sure the ratings spikes were noticeable.

Sran wrote: View Post
I feel the same way about Thelin th'Valrass. I first read about him in the Myriad Universes series and later saw the TAS episode "Yesteryear" that originally depicted the timeline in which he served on the Enterprise.
There was a certain inevitability, inherent in TAS. I always expected that if there was a Thelin in the regular timeline, he probably died early. In fact, in an early fanfic bio I did for my Therin of Andor character, Thelin was a sibling who had died as a child.

There were some notable fanfics in the 70s and 80s regarding Thelin. Infamous filksinger, Leslie Fish, wrote some racy stories in which Thelin had a male human partner (and Shras of TOS was referred to as Thelin's Aunt Shras!), and New Zealander Frank Macskasy was writing Captain Thelin stories when I was writing about Captain Therin.

It's not clear when his death took place, so he may have lived for several years following the five-year mission. But it was disappointing that the death of his character was handled dismissively given his importance in another novel.
But the "Crucible" trilogy is deliberately not in keeping with the regular novels. It had its own continuity, answerable only to canonical TOS and TAS. And, in any case, "Crucible" came out in 2006, and the "Myriad Universes" story was 2008, so how was David R George III to know what Geoff Trowbridge would do with him two years later in "The Chimes at Midnight"?

Also, "an Andorian named Thelin appears in Star Trek Online as the captain of the USS Kirk in 2409 - it is unclear if this is supposed to be the same Thelin from the 23rd century."
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