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Re: 'Relics': missed opportunity?

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I am reminded of my own minor outrage when Garrovick, a particular favourite of mine, whom I'd used in fanfic, was announced as having just been killed in the movie-era novel, "Home is the Hunter".
I feel the same way about Thelin th'Valrass. I first read about him in the Myriad Universes series and later saw the TAS episode "Yesteryear" that originally depicted the timeline in which he served on the Enterprise. I liked his character and hoped he'd make an appearance in the primary timeline but later discovered that he died in an avalanche within a year of his posting to USS Ticonderoga as the ship's executive officer, as mentioned by Spock in the Crucible series novel The Fire and the Rose.

It's not clear when his death took place, so he may have lived for several years following the five-year mission. But it was disappointing that the death of his character was handled dismissively given his importance in another novel.

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