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Re: 'Relics': missed opportunity?

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Seriously, they obviously offed Amanda in "Sarek" and I don't remember any "fan outrage"
You weren't at my house when it aired. Perrin can die in a fire. (But no, they saved that for Picard's nephew that I liked okay. )
The real mistake was giving Sarek ANOTHER human wife, reducing a complex, inexplicable romance from TOS into Space Jungle Fever. Of course, "Relics" takes Scotty's obviously humorous remark from TSfS and makes it a literal description of his work habits. Likewise, in "Reunification," Data has a conversation with Spock about Spock's suppression of and disatste for his human half that leaves Spock visibly shaken when the films made it apparent--despite his brief reversion to full-Vulcan mode in TVH--Spock had resolved those issues roughly 70 years prior. And don't get me started on Generations--to me, TNG had a knack for getting TOS characters entirely wrong whenever they included one.
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