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Re: Tablet games that aren't awful?

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you have to make games (for the average player) that users must use their finger/tablet pen for.
See, this sounds like it would be the perfect avenue for adventure games, so I'm surprised that developers haven't gone in that direction yet. The two would compliment each other so nicely and allow for a minimalistic interface.
Yes, but that would require developers to put effort into their mobile releases. Mobile is the dumping ground for developers to publish their crappy freemium games in an attempt to make money with zero effort.

Even so, it rather seems to be a waste of a perfectly good opportunity and not to mention, the medium itself. There's potential just sitting there. With hidden-object games, they're already halfway there. I'm sure a developer would be able to figure out how to make it viable, by say, bringing episodic gaming to the tablet. Or even porting over some classics, which wouldn't be too hard given that there are emulators that would make it easy to do so.
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