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Re: Star Trek: Renegades

It is a pilot because it is designed that way and will be presented to CBS. Even if they say no, it is still a pilot (as well as a film).

When various production teams present pilots to networks every year, even though some are rejected, those productions are still considered pilots, some find a way of airing (internet etc..) and some just get buried and never seen again.

Most of the time, the process is, an idea gets pitched, if a network likes it they commission funding to have the pilot made (usually in there own studios). If the pilot they funded does not live up to what they envisioned it can either be re-shot or scrapped. Since the network paid for the production of the pilot they don't allow it to be seen by the public (usually but not in all cases).

The other scenario is a pilot gets made with funding from either from the producers of the project or perhaps crowd funding (as is growing more prevalent these days). It is pitched to the network, if they reject it and other outlets reject it, there is nothing stopping the producers from releasing it on the internet if they so choose. If the network accepts it, they can either use the existing pilot, or in some cases have it re-shot in there studios with there resources and processes (union contracts etc..).

Remember Star Trek's pilot (The Cage) was rejected in 1964 but NBC agreed to commission a second pilot with changes. Also 'Lost in Space' also had an original pilot that was never aired (no Doctor Smith or the Robot) but they commissioned another pilot making changes.

So where STR is concerned, there is a limitation that you can only pitch is to CBS (as the copyright holder). They could be interested in the concept and effort but possibly want the pilot re-shot under there studios and guidelines with changes. That would mean re-negotiated contracts with the principle actors etc... They could also want the original pilot intact. Our angle is not just TV or bust, but possibly a CBS sanctioned web series. If they reject it all together then the production turns into a 'fan film' classification, whereas, it can just be released profit-free on the internet.

One thing that is interesting about STR, is no-one else has made there own Star Trek production with professional actors for the purpose of pitching it. We know there have been a few 'pitches' to CBS, but they have just been of various producers idea's of what they want for a new Trek series.

We are going to show CBS something tangible. Again, if rejected at least it will further show CBS execs how hungry fans are for a new Star Trek series. Now that it is at the level where pilots are going beyond just pitched ideas, and are being produced to push for a series.
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