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Re: Captain of the next Trek series

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For me, the Berman-era series have aged poorly. I'm not everyone nor do I profess to be. But we already have six-hundred hours of "other Trek" and less than a hundred of Kirk and Spock. I'm one that thinks the core of Trek needs to be explored again. YMMV.
TOS was my first love in Star Trek, so I can understand where you're coming from in terms of wanting to get back to the ideas and values of that era. I would like to see more of how the rest of the Federation functioned during the twenty third century, as TOS offered only brief glimpses of other ships and crews- both during the TV series and the films.

I wouldn't mind seeing a series set during the five-year mission but would be interested in seeing another crew chronicled in parallel to the adventures the Enterprise was having. Further exploration of the careers of people like Willard Decker, Clark Terrell, Thelin th'Valrass, Morgan Bateson (pre-TNG), and others would interest me. I don't advocate having them all on the same ship (it's not practical), but a series that features a few of them could work.

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