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Re: Ever heard of the "AI Day"? Me neither, but

I am not sure if our smartest people combined would be excelled by an AI. If an AI would be something computer-like it would be hampered by its ability to only think in 0 and 1. Admittedly, quite a lot of humans tend to think in black and white, too, but as a general rule we are able to think in greys as well. As long as an AI would be based on computer technology it couldn't follow us there.
There are, however, interesting experiments with semi-organic structures that combine single nerve cells with computer technology. So far they can't do much but the first step is made.
This would however in the long run raise serious questions: if an AI one day was really able to think like a human and in addition contain organic tissue, would it count as a machine or an organism?
As a human with a ton of artificial joints, an artificial heart etc. won't stop being considered a human, the amount of human tissue must not be the critical factor for our definition of a person. This will make a few very interesting and controversial discussions in the future (if this semi-organic stuff is really better than a computer which remains to be seen in the next decades).

As for Christmas - I'm afraid it already is a totally commercial holiday. Yet, getting presents in the middle of the cold and dark season is such a nice custom that I think it'll survive.
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