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Re: Star Trek: Renegades

I want this to succeed, if only because I really like Russ, Koenig and Picardo as actors. Succeed artistically speaking, of course. Will it convince the money men to finance any future follow-ups? THAT is a tough question to answer...

Seeing as the JJ Abrams version of Star Trek is a real money-maker while the last TNG films were not as much, they probably will refuse to place it on any network timeslot. Since it doesn't have a proven leading man type to sell the show to average joe viewers, I think the best it might hope for would be like the Greg Nicotero-directed WALKING DEAD webisode series: episodic stories with a definite ending, a modest budget.

But WALKING DEAD is a ratings juggernaut and pitching the webisodes was likely a no-brainer. Ron Moore's Battlestar Galactica would probably have been also an easy sell on webisodes had the concept of webisodes been around back then...

Star Trek Renegades needs to appeal to a whole mess' o folks, bottom line...
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