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Re: Mars One - Unethical?

This is supposed to be a scientific discussion. Instead of being polemic, you should rather learn German first and then check the ministry's website for our precise responsibilities and competences. You find them listed here:

Our responsibilities are indeed versatile. As I am a compassionate person I hesitate to leave you at the mercy of some translation software (they tend to infallibly pick the wrong one if a word has several meanings). But I will only translate the single cathegories, not the whole site!

The ministry is responsible for:

* information and communication
* consumer protection
* environmental management and landscape conservation
* water economy and flood protection
* soil conservation and toxic deposits
* air pollution control
* climate protection
* waste management
* noise protection (i.e. protection *from* noise, not *of* noise!)
* biotechnology and genetic engineering
* electromagnetic pollution and mobile communications
* nuclear energy, radiation protection, laying in of nuclear power plants (had to look that up in a dictionary. Hope it's the right expression. We're abolishing NPPs and gradually tearing them down)
* food safety
* animal health and protection
* Agenda 21 (ok that needs to be explained. It's a national programme to improve economy without a negative ecologic impact)
* environment and economy (for economy see also Agenda 21)
* EU and international cooperation

We also used to have health and care (both health care and old age care) departments, but they were recently split off as a ministry of its own.
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