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Re: TF: Peaceable Kingdoms by Dayton Ward Review Thread (Spoilers!)

Hmm... I liked the fast pace of the book and mysteries piling up in the first part. But then, as they started to reveal themselves and came to an end, I found it flat.

When I was reading The Poisoned Chalise, I started - as I always do - trying to guess what's it's all about.

I suspected Ishan to be a Cardassian disguised as a Bajoran. He changed his reality back in the Occupation times and now was working for the True Way to destroy the alliance with the Feds. Nope.

Then I though he could be a Typhon Pact spy with the same goal. Nope.

I also wondered for a while if he wasn't some last remnant of the Kohn Ma (sp?), set on destroying the bad bad Federation from inside out.

Turning out to be someone set for the good of the Federation, even though in a misguided manner, somehow felt disappointing. Even his being a "simple" Bejoran collaborator, in spite of also being a Bajoran hero as he fought the Cardassians later, doesn't impress me.

So, while I liked all five books, this one included, the solution didn't live up to the tension and atmosphere that had been built up to that point.
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