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Re: Captain of the next Trek series

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That is where my heart truly has always been. The spin-offs feel like filler.
But does everyone feel that way? I don't question that at least one of the spin-offs was mediocre, but I do wonder if such a thing precludes another series. Revisionist history is a potent commodity. People who bash the spin-offs forget that the third season of Star Trek was also mediocre aside from a few memorable episodes ("The Enterprise Incident," "The Tholian Web"). The perception of TOS has changed with time because people are more fond of the characters that made up that series.

The first season of The Next Generation was also forgettable, and Deep Space 9 didn't pick up until the Dominion was introduced. I would imagine that any new series would have its hiccups. But I also think that Star Trek deserves the chance to move forward and explore new ideas as freely as its characters explored strange new worlds. Kirk and Spock will always be the most recognizable faces of Star Trek, but they need not make up its entire body of work.

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