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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

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I once took a bus downtown. I got on and took a seat near the back in an isle facing seat. One other person was there when I got on, across from me in the first forward facing seats after the aisle facing seats opposite me. We exchanged friendly greetings but I could tell he wasn't interested in small talk so I just minded my own business along the trip.

About a block away from my stop I pulled the notification cord and started gathering my things to exit. A casual glance his way caught him in a very stark profile and I froze - after a moment of my mind racing he noticed I was staring and looked straight at me and then my suspicion was confirmed. "You're... You're..." I stammered, not remembering his real name. Emotion totally took over, a great gushing of admiration swelled in me, I was about to shout out alerting everyone on board to whom we were in the presence of but I still couldn't remember his name. Then, as if sensing my imminent outpouring about to blow his cover, he put his finger over his lips and quietly shushed me. Suddenly feeling conspiratorial, knowing something no one else on the bus knew I began feeling I had been made a confidant & composure took over. Still not able to remember his name I finally whispered the end of the sentence hanging on the tip of my tongue for the last few incredible moments

He nodded and got up extending his hand for a shake, which I did. I just stood there smiling at him, hadn't noticed the bus had stopped. "I think this is your stop." he said in character voice. I somehow managed to pull myself away and stumble off the bus left with a memory of a lifetime.
That is an awesome story.
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