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Re: Space Battleship Yamato 2199

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Has anyone heard any NEW info on the movie that is supposedly coming out in 2014?
The last thing we've heard from the producer is that there will be news soon and that "2199" would still be in the title, not "2195" or "2201".

So that suggests a side-story rather than a prequel or a sequel.

Early bets, based on the producer's racial leanings, is that the movie will be the story of what happens to Gamilas after Yamato leaves in 2199. There are five months or so between when Yamato left and the end of the year when Yamato returned to Earth. The Gamilas Empire has lost a lot of ships and key personel. Plus Dessler is missing and assumed dead. And we know the Comet Empire is out there pressing at the Gamilas borders.

The story would also be a way to setup for a second season of Yamato as you would have a movie budget to do all the ship and character art for the next season in the film. All those Comet Empire characters and ships. This would leave only the Earth ships and a few new characters to add in the next season (as a lot of people were introduced early in 2199).

Now this might follow the tale of the Admiral and his daugher as they fight for Gamilas and Iscandar. Or it might follow Dessler as he tries to regain his power or how he was "forced" into working with Zordar of the Comet Empire.
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