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Re: The Past Decade of Trek Lit

I just finished David Mack's two parter "A Time to Kill" / "A Time to Heal".

I almost skipped this one because the premise didn't sound terribly interesting as it was just about one planet of the week, but the fact that it was from the author of Destiny changed my mind.

I'm glad I did because it was quite excellent! Mack really makes epic and cinematic Trek tales. And he manages to make the characters, and Starfleet in general, come off as total bad asses. These two books were just chocked full of amazing war sequences given a sense of gritty "realism" despite the often cartoonish technological levels of Star Trek.

I also enjoyed the thinly veiled Iraq War metaphor about the entire affair. And I especially loved Section 31 working behind the scenes, completely invisible to everyone else, content to let events transpire without intervention but ready to step in and destroy most of the planet if necessary. The moral quagmire of the story was really well done; the characters are disgusted by what they're forced to cover up, but exposing it would create a disasterous war with the Klingons. Great stuff!

I was surprised but pleased at the end when it's implied that
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