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Re: The Essential Voyager

I agree with most of it, but Jetrel and Learning Curve are both essential in my opinion.

- Jetrel is the most important Neelix show of the entire series. Without it, you can't understand Season 4's 'Mortal Coil', one of Voyager's essential (imho) episodes.
- Learning Curve is, sort of, the end of the Maquis-crew integration arc.

- I don't think Heroes and Demons is all that essential. Totally forgettable holodeck episode.

My suggestions for Season 2. Obviously all the Kazon arc episodes are essential.

The 37's - Optional. Good, but not a must.
Initiations - Optional. Ok standalone Kazon episode.
Projections - Essential? - Incredible Doc episode. Plus it has Barclay.
Elogium - Skippable. Optional if you're a Kes fan.
Non Sequitur - Optional - Great Kim episode, but not essential.
Twisted - Skippable - Forgettable space anomaly episode.
Parturition - Skippable - Optional if you like jealous Neelix.
Persistence of Vision - Optional - Great Kes episode.
Tattoo - Skippable - Most boring s2 episode I think.
Cold Fire - Essential - Big sequel to Caretaker/Kes episode.
Maneuvers - Essential - Kazon arc. Seska pregnant.
Resistance - Optional - Good, but not a must.
Prototype - Optional - Very good, but not a must.
Alliances - Essential - Kazon arc. Jonas introduction.
Threshold - Skippable - So legendary, it's almost essential.
Meld - Essential - Introduces Lon Suder, essential for Basics. (And Tuvok killing Neelix is essential. )
Dreadnought - Essential? - Nice Caretaker continuity. Jonas.
Death Wish - Essential - First (and best) of the Q arc.
Lifesigns - Optional - Fantastic Doc episode. Denara Pel.
Investigations - Essential - Kazon arc. Jonas.
Deadlock - Essential - Naomi Wildman's Birth.
Innocense - Skippable - Forgettable Tuvok story.
The Thaw - Essential? - One of Voyager's best episodes.
Tuvix - Optional - Very good, but not a must.
Resolutions - Optional - Good, but not a must. Denara Pel.
Basics, Part 1 - Essential - Kazon arc.

Projections and The Thaw are not Essential (for continuity), but I think they should be.
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