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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

So...having jumped into comics for the first time (after watching just about all of the DCAU and wanting more). I've got a couple of questions for the pros.

Does Action Comics ever get any better? I mean, everyone says how brilliant it is (at least the first run with Morrison), but I don't see it. I've gone through the first 2 TPB, which covers 2 arcs and I'm feeling flat. They build up Glenmorgan, calling him Mr. Metropolis even, and 2 issues later he's basically contracts Space Madness and goes away. Lame. Then they kill Clark Kent. Not original, but I'm intrigued. Then they kill his firefighting second identity. Haha Awesome. Hope they do it next week this could get landlady from the 5th dimension hand waves it all away. At this point, if I'm buying a Superman comic, I'm getting more out of "Superman" than his supposedly flagship title. Do I stick with that or go back to Action?

Every issue of Wonder Woman is awesome. That is not a question.

I hear good things about "Batman", but I have no interest in learning about things pre-reboot, and the Bat-titles were only sorta-rebooted. Do they make a lot of references to past stories or can I jump in and pretty much know everything?

Can someone recommend another title or two? I have greater interest in the main DC characters as opposed to the more obscure ones, but I'm open if they're REALLY compelling.
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