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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

Harvey wrote:
I think the optimism was a more important element than you're giving it credit for.
Well, fair enough. It's not that it was unimportant so much as I think it wasn't really, at least on Roddenberry's part, a big programmatic thing -- it was just about making the adventurers sympathetic and relatable. Such optimism as TOS had seems to me to have followed from that (even then it still used future holocausts as a trope and had Kirk & Co. cleaning up after some rather dark misadventures by Earth's representatives).

I'd say the single most important thing that set Star Trek apart from its sf television contemporaries (beyond the anthologies, which were a different beast that didn't have the continuing characters important to fandom) was that it attempted to appeal to an audience beyond young children.
That's also an important part of it, definitely.

As for the films being a "nostalgia delivery system," well, yes, but I fail to see how that sets them apart from most of the franchise to follow the original, beginning with Star Trek--The Motion Picture.
In the sense that the nostalgia it's delivering is for space opera in general and no longer for any distinguishing aspect of the Trek franchise; a nostalgia for audiences that no longer recollect the differences Trek had from other properties, as one can see for instance in Shaka Zulu's comments (sorry to pick on you Shaka but it's true). The Motion Picture is radically different in that distinguishing aspirational sense most of all. (After TWOK this element of the film franchise did start to recede into peddling sentimentality and fanservice, or in the case of TFF perhaps just Shatnerian ego-service.)

[No substantial disagreement with the rest of your remarks, thanks for that detailed response.]

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BigJake wrote:
TNG continued to try to tell genuine SF stories and innovated new approaches to its medium.
Examples, please? Because TNG to me is anything but innovotive or genuine sci-fi.
You're mistaken.

None of which of course means you have to like TNG, that's up to you. (I myself prefer TOS in many ways.)
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