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Re: Question about starships in Typhon Pact/Fall novels (spoiler)

At the moment, I believe there are very few designs capable of slipstream. The hull of most starships isn't "streamlined" enough for the version that Starfleet uses. I'm afraid I can't recall the reasoning or the nature of quantum slipstream, but it has certainly been discussed. The Typhon Pact novels Plagues of Night and Raise the Dawn are among those in which discussion of the necessary features for slipstream adaptation takes place.

The Intrepid-class had to be refitted in order to make it fully and safely slipstream-compatible. We have the Merian-class science vessels (24th Century Mirandas with triangular hulls and a tendency to come a cropper), the Mulciber-class (long and thin, triangular primary hull), Theophrastus-class (sleek, possibly built specifically for slipstream use?) and the one-of-a-kind Galen-class.

I'm guessing that Nova-class vessels could probably be refitted, if Merians and Intrepids can?

I'm wondering if Prometheus-class ships are too wide?
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