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Re: Movies Seen In 2014

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4. Play It Again, Sam (1972) -- A-

I had avoided this movie for a long time because Woody Allen didn't direct it, but having seen it now, I realize that was a stupid prejudice to have against it. Herbert Ross does fine work, and Woody Allen's unique voice comes through vividly. It isn't quite as memorable as Annie Hall, but it's a remarkably similar comedy that is much more like that film than Allen's earlier use of slapstick (although there are a few elements of that here when Allen knocks over every breakable in sight, and during the fantasy fight sequence in the bakery).

It's especially good because it never feels stagebound, despite being a theater adaptation. The quick cutaways, which in many ways are the predecessors to the "Remember that time when..." jokes popularized by (ugh) Family Guy, help, as do the excursions into fantasy that take advantage of the medium's unique capabilities.
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