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Re: Gal Gadot cast as Wonder Woman In ‘Batman Vs. Superman’

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Also, I don't bitch about everything, far from it.
post proof or retract. I think you'll find the majority of the people on this forum know you for one thing.

Well, if by not bitching you can include just talking, both positive and negatives, about watching stuff, I spent months (and got to 65 pages in the topic) of talking about watching Babylon 5 and Farscape. It wasn't all positive, but it was more about talking about the tv shows as I went, and not about "bitiching". I was just relaying my experiences, most of which were positive and the negatives were mostly episode/story specific, and more specific critisism than "bitching". I got flack for some opinions, mostly about Farscape, but I'd still say it never reaching the point of bitching, just talking about some negatives. Same with my much shorter thread in the doctor who section about watching the post 2005 stuff. I'm also usually positive when its not a thread involving JJ abrams, Christopher Nolan or David S. goyer's work (or Netflix, but even I think, in retrospect, that I was being an ass with that whole argument in the Marvel netflix show thread).

I've also posted a lot of posts that weren't bitching just around trekbbs in general. I'll concede that, in this general Sci Fi and Fantasy section for the forum, I have ended up doing a lot of arguing, and I do get so caught up in responding to people responding to me that I probably keep arguing past where I should just stop, cool down and leave the thread. I totally admit I can be an ass, am easily engaged in arguments, and even regret some things I post in the heat of the moment.

This WW thing has gone too far. What gets me with this topic is that her supporters seem to just ignore the people who don't like her, to the point of just not wanting any discussion about whether of not she's good for the role. So I try to express the other point of view, then just get stuck in a cycle of arguing it. I won't agree with her supporters, and they won't agree with me, I get that, but I'm easily baited (even if its unintentional on the other person's part) into just replying and replying when I should just exit the conversation. That's how I get about a lot of topics, which leads to my reputation for bitching, which at this point is fairly well deserved. But, its not that I like to bitch, I just have strong opinions, and get a bit annoyed when it seems like dissenting opinions get dismissed just because its somehow wrong to be critical of something.

In relation to this topic, I'll admit I probably have delevoped a slightly irrational hatred of Gadot just because I've been arguing about her so much. Trying to be subjective and not posting because I'm annoyed or angry, in reality Gadot is probably a better actress than people like Megan Fox, and it is unfair to judge her acting ability just based off my hatred of her type of character from F&F (and I do hate that cliche/achetype). From an acting perspective, she could do a fine job, or she could completely blow it with Christian Bale levels of horrible superhero acting.

I stand by my thinking that Goyer can't write a good female character to save his life, so WW is probably screwed regardless of the actress, and that physically Gadot doesn't (and almost certainly won't/can't) look like WW should look in live action. But those are arguments that I'm just ready to admit won't go away, and its become beyond pointless to try to argue them. We'll never agree, so until some big development comes (like images of her in costume or more details about her role) its best to just stop harping on the differences in opinion and getting carried away with them, which I'll take full responsibility for doing in the last few pages. Also, just so its known, I saw Tyberius's post a few posts back about my opinion, and I had a long reply typed up, but I'm just going to try and leave the argument now. I may respond to stuff, like any responses to this post, but I'm honestly going to try to just leave this argument now. My opinion has been stated (probably way too much) so its about time to be done with it. At least until we get more specific info, which probably won't be for awhile.
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