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Re: Captain of the next Trek series

But is any apathy for another spin-off down to having some lacklustre spin=offs?

In some respects the longer ST is off air as a TV show the better, it might allow the audiance to feel excited again about it, rather than 'O they are doing another Trek show."

At best it'll be another 2 years before Trek returns to the small screen, 2016 is Trek's 50th Anniversary what better year to return to the small scree or announce that a new show is coming, by then it'll have been what a decade since it was off air. Remember another long runnning Sci-Fi show reutnred after a virtual 16 year absence. They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder.

The question is what do we as the audiance want from a TV show.

Engaging characters and stories. A sense of fun and adventure, less technobabble?
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