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Re: Call of Duty: Ghosts or Battlefield 4

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BF4 is EA, that's enough to keep me away
EA is just the distributor and doesn't really have much impact on the game's design. DICE is the real developer and should either be held accountable for its problems or given credit for its merits.

I was a long-time player of the Battlefield series - mostly heavily-modded BF1942, BFV and BF2 on the PC and BF1943 on the console. I was very disappointed with BF2142 overall and skipped BF3 entirely and was looking forward to getting back into it with BF4. I did the beta test for a couple of weeks and, while glitchy (as most betas usually are), I found it interesting and playable. However, recent reviews I've heard about it have kept me away for the time being. Unfortunately, Dice has continued in its long tradition of buggy initial 1.0 releases. So, I will be waiting until it seems to have stabilized. Maybe one day...
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