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Re: MLB Offseason 2013-2014

As I have said on multiple occasions, Schilling is the best modern-era postseason pitcher of all time. There's no one that even comes close since the deadball era. Even if he weren't, he's clearly over the line just based upon his regular-season statistics: More than 3,100 strikeouts, a ridiculous 4.38 K/BB average, and he's ranked 27th in JAWS, putting him ahead of noted Hall of Famers Nolan Ryan, Jim Palmer and Bob Feller.

Again, this is a case where you see why WINS is a bullshit stat. In 2003, Schilling had a 2.95 ERA, and an ERA+ of 159. His K/BB ratio was north of 6, and his WHIP was 1.04. He had a solid six WAR value, holy shit. Yet he only went 9 - 10, because Arizona's bullpen was a disaster, and their offense had morons like Junior Spivey and Craig Counsell playing all the time.

The fact that he is a ridiculous piece of shit off the field doesn't matter. Schilling is as much a sure-fire Hall of Famer as Mike Mussina.
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