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Re: ENTERPRISE on Blu-Ray OFFICIAL Discussion Thread

According to High-Def Digest season 3 offers the worst picture quality yet:

'Enterprise' was still shot on 35mm film in Season 3 (and then transferred to digital for broadcast), so a good deal of grain is still evident in the print. However, this season set also features a lot of digital noise, which I didn't really notice much of on the first two season sets. It's seen more easily in many of the well-lit shots (such as scenes in sickbay), but there's definitely a lot of 'mosquito noise' buzzing around in many scenes that clearly has nothing to do with the grain.

In addition to the digital noise, I also noticed occurrences of dirt on the print that popped up every now and again – usually in the form of white (although sometimes black) 'flecks' on the screen. While these are far less frequent than the noise issues mentioned above, the previous sets were pretty clean when it came to film dirt…that's not the case here. I have no idea if the production had to use a cheaper 35mm film stock in Season 3, but considering the show was always worried about budget, I suppose it's a possibility.

Added to the above problems, the video still has all the issues of prior releases. Even though all new special effects at this point in the series were being rendered in 780p, many effects still suffer from noticeable aliasing issues. Black levels are, once again, not very strong, and the murkiness is even more noticeable in Season 3, since there are only a handful of instances where episodes feature 'real' locations instead of being shot on a set.

Complete Review.
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