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Re: Does the Nu Ent have Quantum Slipstream?

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I want to know why this more militarized Federation doesn't have cloaking devices.

Seriously, the Federation needs to get cloaking devices before the 25th century this time around! The last two films didn't even mention the technology at all.
Do cloaking devices even exist yet? Ignoring Enterprise, which Braga actually admitted was a continuity error and the later seasons ignored, cloaking technology won't be developed until the 2260s, and it's only the 2250s. As a civilian mining ship, Narada wouldn't have been equipped with a cloak and therefore its presence shouldn't have accelerated the development of cloaking technology by anyone.
Weren't they mentioned in the Kobayashi Maru scene?

I might be mixing that up with the deleted scene where the Klingons captured the Narada though.
It would make no sense if Klingons have cloaking devices given in the Prime Universe they got them from the Romulans in the technology trade that resulted in the Romulans using D-7s.
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