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Re: Gal Gadot cast as Wonder Woman In ‘Batman Vs. Superman’

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She's a warrior from an island of immortal warriors. She should look like she spent her life training and generally looking like she's ready to kick butt at a moments notice, not spending time trying to look good in a bikini.
A trained warrior... like a soldier maybe? Hmm... if only they could cast somebody who'd spent two years serving in a real-life military...
Yeah, she totally looks like a soldier I know she was in the military for two years, but you could never tell by looking at her, and that's what we're talking about. Regardless of what she did in real life, it obviously hasn't effected how she looks nowadays, and probably didn't effect her build that much at the time. She would need to look like a warrior now, and having once been in the military years ago means less than nothing.

Maybe if WW was going around shooting people, Gadot could look capable with a gun or something. But, even if it turned out her military training included reflecting bullets with bracelets, training with swords, shields, arrows and other ancient weapons and a heavy emphasis on old style unarmed combat that she trained in daily since she was a child (all three scenarios I find very unlikely) her being in the military does not qualify her for WW. Even if my blatantly rediculous (but WW accurate) requirements for what she did in the military were correct, she'd just be a twig that could kind of fight like WW. Now, goyer will probably just have her punching stuff, which would be unbelievable enough, but the more combat oriented skills of WW are things to consider, although not as important to this discussion as the fact that she doesn't look like she could beat up a 5 year old, much less have been training since childhood, or even young adulthood, as any kind of fighter.

Also, from wikipedia

wikipedia wrote:
Throughout her two-year service term in the Israel Defense Forces, she also worked as model.
Yeah, I'm sure she looked totally different when she was in the military, and because of it she's totally qualified to be WW Now wikipedia could be wrong, but it has a link to the source of the info, which is on a page with an interview with her that looks legitimate, the page says she joined the military after becoming a model and that she was still modeling during her service. So, even when the woman was a soldier, she was still a skinny model.
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