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Re: HEROES: The "Essentials"

2-4 isn't unwatchable as much as a disappontment compared to 1.

(And season 1's finally, to me, was really disappointing...more so than several episodes of 2-4)

Seasons 2-4 had some good ideas, but not reaching season 1 heights.

Some of the ideas i liked -- the "old" gang of Heroes and they're plans vs. the next generation

The season 3 stuff with Sylar (was it 2) seemed kinda goofy.

Season 4 (like season 4 of Andromeda & Earth Final Conflict) was getting back to what we liked.

Robert Knepper did a great job of building a manipulative felt like his motivations/skills disappeared in the last 1/3 of the season or so .

if remember right, Sylar teaming up with Peter was interesting

jack cole of course does great as HRG, transforming him into a conflicted hero

definitely the last episode should be "essential", and absolutely the last 5 minutes, as the series wraps up like it began (like Lost's last 5 minutes).
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