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Re: DS9 deserved a movie

I can just see the pitch meeting:

"It's this Star Trek movie, see?"
"Great. Where does the Enterprise go this time?"
"No, there's no Enterprise."
"Oh, so it's like Kirk and Spock on some kind of other ship?"
"No, not them."
"So Picard and Data, then. What trouble are they getting into?"
"No, it's not any of that."
"You did say Star Trek, right?"
"Yes! The one with the space station."
"Oh I remember that one. They blew up the first four stations and now this is Deep Space 5. We could get a hot Russian chick to play the first officer. But wait, isn't that series a little dated now?"
"Gee, lighten up. Is it the one with the hot blonde robot?"
"That depends, are you talking Voyager or Battlestar?"
"Who gives a sh*t?"
"I give up. It's about the Enterprise."
"Ok, but if you even mention the name Bakula I'm calling security."

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