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Re: Mars One - Unethical?

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my source is myself and my 20 years of work for the Ministry For Man And The Environment (recently renamed to Ministry for Environment And Health: ...
Well no wonder they renamed it!

Q: "What ministry do you work for?"
A: "The Ministry for Man and The Environment."
Q: "What are your responsibilities?"
A: "Um, man and the environment."
Q: "Can you be more specific?"
A: "All of humanity and its environment, encompassing everyone and the entire universe."
Q: "Don't you think that's a bit of overreach?"
A: "Not really. We're pretty much the Ministry of Everyone and Everything."
Q: "So why have any other ministries?"
A: "Oh, mostly to handle specialized nonsense that's too trivial for us to handle. We're focused on the big picture, global population trends, intergalactic cosmic radiation standards, and such."
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