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Re: DS9 deserved a movie

A follow-up to the end of DS9 would have been warranted. Heck, it would have warranted for VOYAGER as well. On the other hand, having seen how the TNG movies turned out, I remain relatively pleased that DS9 ended when it did. I can't help but wonder what 'the suits' would have mandated as a condition of a movie script being green-lit. The hand of even more extensive executive meddling, which comes as the inevitable price of making a major motion picture rather than a syndicated TV show, would have had a particularly devastating effect on DS9's format. The endless tide of suits with "changes" they want made to the script and a folder of demographic research reports backing them up. The chances are pretty good I feel that whatever integrity the script might have had at the beginning of the writing process would be dead in the water by the time it goes in front of the cameras, and like TNG they would have done nothing except retrospectively dilute the appeal of the series.
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